21st Century Song Book 2018

Client: Belinda King Creative Productions | Music & Live Events

A homage to the songs of The Great American Songbook – the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century. 21st Century Songbook is a theatrical production for Seabourn Cruises, re-orchestrated and given a fresh twist. It’s produced by Belinda King Creative Productions and directed by Lisa Cottrell. Our brief was to ignore typical ‘showbiz’ visuals and create a highly stylised, painterly world. Each performance would have a unique location designed in this style, with a customised transition from one scene to the next. We used a combination of 3D graphics and 2D painterly techniques and animated each performance ‘to track’.

Graphics designed by Alberta Torres with additional animation by Jessy Wang, Sophie Marschner, Lukas Beynon
Graphics produced by Mandy Smith

Produced by Belinda King Creative Productions