Catchpoint – Titles

Client: 12 Yard | Titles & Branding

Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, Catchpoint is a family-friendly game show combining physical fun with a new and exciting question mechanic in the ultimate battle of brains and balls. Ten tall LED screens displaying answers to a question are positioned along the back wall of the Catch Zone. Suspended above the Catch Zone are ten trapdoors, each containing a ball. Only the ball above the correct answer will be released and the player must position themselves so they can catch it before it hits the studio floor. We were asked to create the show’s logo and title sequence, as well every element of the show including generic looks and gameplay graphics for the studio screens, plus a full kit of parts for post production.

Logo & Title Sequence designed and produced by Nicholas Reyniers
Gameplay Graphics designed and produced by Nicholas Reyniers, Alanna Kos, Joe Phillips and Lukas Beynon