Change Your Tune 2018 – Studio Screens

Client: TwoFour | TV Performance Visuals

In this ‘time travel’ format, viewers get to see transformations from awful singers to polished performers in an instant. Each contestant shows just how bad their singing is, then a screen drops for the big reveal. Weeks of training are revealed in a matter of moments for the viewers as the screen rises and the contestant ‘reappears’.

AV technology experts VER tracked our projected graphics onto the moving surface of the screen, creating the big reveal with our final countdown design. Our bespoke performance graphics played out for each contestant on the studio’s rear LED panels and an animated vertical scoring graphic revealed the audience votes. We also designed the logo and title sequence for the show.

Graphics designed by Lukas Beynon with additional animation by Dan Norman and Sophie Marschner
Graphics produced by Stuart Neilson

Set Design by Dominic Tolfts
Lighting Direction by Dave Davey