Sky Screensavers

Client: Sky | Visual Effects

Highlights from some of the 100+ screensavers that we’ve created for Sky On Demand subscribers to bring seasonal atmosphere into their living rooms. From football stadiums during the FA Cup, to beautiful Summer, Autumn and Spring locations, scary Halloween scenes and cosy Christmas displays. We used multiple techniques to achieve the huge variety of HD and UHD scenes, including 3D modelling and animation, 2D character animation, green-screen rotoscoping and compositing, as well as intricate sound design. In this reel we reveal some of the many stages involved in creating these scenes for Sky.

Visual Effects by Lukas Beynon, with additional VFX by Vitor Carvalho, Jessy Wang, Alberta Torres, Sophie Marschner, Dan Norman, David Newton, Joe Phillips, Ruben Garcia and Andy Flatt
Illustration and 2D Animation by Nicholas Reyniers, Jessy Wang and Dan Norman
3D Animation by Ruben Garcia and Andy Flatt
Sound Design by Mark Ashworth
Graphics produced by Mandy Smith